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I bought the mind master full program and its being working the entire time. all of a sudden when i turned my mac off for only an hour and then on again then it started giving me problems.

Out of nowhere my mind master was deactivated, when i tried to activate it using the activation pin that i got, it said that the pin is being used by another system?? please get me a new pin or do something because i was actually enjoying this product.

And now i have to write 100 words and i only had 80 something. thanx

Location: Cape Town, Western Cape

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Yes, I got the same. I wrote to Mind Valley and they say it only guaranteed for a year and if I wanted it to work I have to pay.

What a load of .....


The Customer support team at Mind Master are great - before you write negative reviews you should try contacting them, they are always a pleasure to deal with.

Satisfied Mind Master user :grin


Please email them from the site. They will be happy to provide a new activation key free of charge :)

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