Please email us to resolve your issue BEFORE leaving a negative review, and we will happily resolve ANY issues you have:

Out of over 100,000 customers we try our best to satisfy everyone. The 8 complaints below equal one negative review per 10,000 customers. We ask that you look at the thousands of positive reviews we have on Facebook, YouTube, as well as the video testimonials from Olympic Gold Medalists and countless others who have benefited from using our software. We also have an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau which is extremely difficult to achieve. We have been registered with the BBB for over 3 years.

The individuals who claim they were charged at the end of the trial period did not provide us a deactivation code as proof that they had deactivated the software: This is a fraud prevention mechanism we have in place to prevent individuals from ordering the software, and continuing to use the software after they cancel.

When the software is deactivated (which takes one simple click) we ask customers to keep the deactivation code for their records as proof that they are not using the software. As a second option we also allow customers to cancel directly on the site before the trial is over. If a customer fails to do both we will ask them to provide a screenshot showing us the software is deactivated.

In the case of the complaint below:

1) The customer did not send us proof that he had canceled before the trial was over. The customer only responded by using vulgar language.

2) We were still willing to offer a full refund if the customer sent us the deactivation code, but he was unable to provide that.

3) As a final gesture of good faith we asked the customer to send a screenshot showing us the software was deactivated. As of the date of this post we have not received that either.

We do our best to satisfy ALL our customers, even the few who cancel. We are happy to help with any issues our customers have.

MindMaster Support Team

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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